An Exploration of Police-Public Cooperation Challenges

  • Bashirat Abiodun Ibrahim University of Ilorin, Nigeria
Keywords: Community Policing, Nigeria Police Force, Job Context Factors, Law Enforcement


This study explores the challenges faced by officers engaged in community policing in southwestern Nigeria, utilising theoretical frameworks from Herzberg's two-factor theory and open systems theory. These challenges often lead to job dissatisfaction and reduced commitment among officers, necessitating strategies to empower officers in navigating societal dynamics, alleviating job dissatisfaction, and fostering stronger commitment to community policing. The research aims to explore obstacles presented by community members, underlying factors contributing to these challenges, and the nature and consequences of these challenges on officers and their commitment to community policing. Employing a qualitative approach with phenomenological methodology, the study conducts in-depth interviews (IDIs) and focus group discussions (FGDs) with officers from two state commands. Thematic analysis highlights challenges hindering community policing efforts in Nigeria, including deep-rooted distrust, negative perceptions, and historical injustices towards law enforcement. Factors such as fear of reprisal, systemic discrimination, and corruption within law enforcement exacerbate these issues. Recommendations include fostering transparency, procedural justice, accountability, and community empowerment to rebuild trust and enhance collaboration between police and communities. Legislative reforms and policy changes are also essential to overcome legal obstacles and promote decentralisation efforts in policing. Addressing economic disparities and investing in education and community development are crucial for creating environments conducive to successful collaborative policing efforts, ultimately fostering safer and more resilient communities.

Author Biography

Bashirat Abiodun Ibrahim, University of Ilorin, Nigeria

Department of Psychology

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