Democracy and the Provision of Human Rights in Nigeria

an Analysis of Human Rights Abuse

  • Elias Ifeanyi E. Uzoigwe University of Calabar, Nigeria
Keywords: Democracy, epistemethics, governance, human rights and philosophy


Democracy has been identified as government of the people by people and for the people. This implies that democracy is people oriented system of government. However, the practice of democracy in Nigeria has been characterized by a lot of challenges, especially human rights abuse. The essence of provision of human rights in a democratic system of government is to ensure that the principle of separation of powers, rule of law and people’s inalienable rights are respected. Experience has shown that such is not the case in the Nigerian context of democracy. Presently, the political situation and unrest in the country that is marked by high level of insurgency, terrorism, banditry and all forms of criminality clearly show that human rights abuse is prevalent in Nigeria. These challenges are as a result of bad governance. To change the narrative, the study, which employs the method of critical analysis construes that Nigeria needs her own philosophy in order to ensure good governance, which will bring about respect for human rights; and that philosophy is epistemethics.

Author Biography

Elias Ifeanyi E. Uzoigwe, University of Calabar, Nigeria

Department of Philosophy

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